Slip and Fall Detection AI

Slip and Fall Detection Camera AI

Slip and Fall Detection AI

Slip and Fall detector – always alert for your safety.

Slip and Fall detector – the new module in ESP AI Cloud

The Slip and Fall detector of ESP video surveillance software is an AI-based module, used to detect falling in the selected area. Don’t miss a thing: the module is able to recognize even a fall from a chair, as well as an incomplete fall if a person slipped and fell from a small height or lost consciousness and slid down the wall. The module needs additional resources to work that will be downloaded automatically.


No special equipment required:
Regular commonly available computers and almost any camera can be used.

Simply flexible:

Various reactions, integration with third-party systems.

In live mode:

Works in live mode, without any latency.

Affordable solution:

The module works even with ESP Standard licenses.


The Slip and Fall detector of ESP video surveillance software can be used for both private and commercial use. Accordingly, the goals of use can be different: from business-strategic to government. More information below:
Slip and Fall Detection Use

Safer home: Often, elderly people live alone, and they even have no one to call for help if they suddenly feel unwell. Falls are one of the top health risks for older people: in the US 3 million people visit emergency rooms each year for fall-related injuries, with one in five falls resulting in bone fractures or head injuries.

The Slip and Fall detector installed in old people’s home immediately detects a person’s fall and sends an alarm about the incident to the responsible personnel. If you integrate the Slip and Fall detector with the “smart home” system, the detector can call an ambulance and notify relatives in case of an incident.

Also, the Slip and Fall detector will become an indispensable helper in monitoring patients in hospitals: many patients are not allowed to get out of bed after a serious surgery or for other medical reasons due to the weakened body and the raised chances of fainting and falling. If an incident occurs, the Slip and Fall Detector will immediately notify the nurse or other responsible personnel, which will help to provide the patient with the necessary assistance and thus minimize the consequences of the incident.

The Slip and Fall detector can be used in any business/enterprise/government organization where managers are concerned about the welfare of their employees and visitors and try to minimize the risks to their health.


An ordinary modern computer can cope with the load from the module*.

You can use any camera: no expensive cameras with built-in sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities are required.

Affordable price: the license for the Slip and Fall Additional module can be activated even in the ESP Standard mode, as well as in the ESP Pro professional mode.

Supported operating systems: 64-bit Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

*The Slip and Fall detector module is shown and works only on the following processors:

Intel 64-bit processors of the following series:
-Intel Core processors starting from the 4th generation (including 10+ generations);
-XEON processors starting from the 6th generation;
-Atom processors of the “C23”, “C25”, “C27”, “C33”, “C35”, “C37”, “C38”, “C39”, “P59”, “Z34”, “Z35”, “x5-E39”, or “x5-E8000” series;
-Processors Intel Xeon E5-24 series, i5-2450M or i7-2600.

ESP also has other types of detectors to help you analyze the environment in a hospital or any other institution:
• The Emotion Recognition module helps to analyze the emotional background in the monitored area.
• The Crowd detector module will be triggered if the patient’s room or other monitored area is overcrowded with visitors.


Download and run ESP AI Cloud in Trial mode. Connect the “Slip and Fall detector” module in the chain directly to the camera or after the filter modules.

In the settings of the “Slip and Fall detector” module, choose the monitored area. You can also tick the box “Also react to incomplete falls” – in this case, the system will work, for example, when someone lost consciousness and, leaning against the wall, slowly slid down or if a person slipped and fell from a small height. Falls from chair will also be detected by the module!

After the module, add necessary filters and reactions to the chain: for example, the SMS sending, the Sound alarm, or the HTTP Request Sender for integration with external services – for example, for automatic call of an ambulance after a specified time.

Done! The module and the required reactions are configured.


Try the Slip and Fall detector Additional module in the ESP video surveillance software with a free trial license. Request it below:

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