System Care Plan

What is the System Care Plan?

The ESP system care plan allows us to service and support your surveillance system remotely, ensuring your surveillance system remains optimal. It offers remote service, support, and routine maintenance. This plan, free for the first 30 days with installation, saves time and money while ensuring system health through regular updates and maintenance. Ideal for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your security setup.

Hosted AI Cloud - Globally connected network with data points around the world

Why System Care Plan

ESP Installation - Miscellaneous camera equipment not installed

Saves Time & Money

This plan helps prevent costly repairs and downtime by offering regular maintenance and monitoring of your surveillance system. This proactive approach ensures any issues are identified and resolved early, saving you both time and money.

Remote Access - Many integration touchpoints connected to a cloud

System Updates

Your surveillance system stays current with the latest software updates, ensuring optimal performance and security. Regular updates help protect against vulnerabilities and add new features, keeping your system efficient and up-to-date.

Installation - Affordable & Customizable

Exclusive Discounts

Subscribers to the System Care Plan receive special discounts on additional products and services. These exclusive deals can provide significant savings on upgrades, expansions, and other security solutions.

Installation - Training

24 X 7 Expert Support

The plan includes round-the-clock access to expert support. Whether it's a technical issue or a question about system functionality, expert help is always available, ensuring your surveillance system operates smoothly and efficiently at all times.

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