What is the oneCam?

The oneCam is an advanced security camera with integrated edge AI. It's perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor video surveillance. It simplifies the setup process by removing the need for an NVR or additional recording equipment. Its key features, including deep learning AI capabilities like facial and license plate recognition, substantially enhance monitoring precision.

Additionally, the camera's support for remote viewing via a mobile app provides considerable flexibility in surveillance management. Moreover, the oneCam's durable design and generous video storage options make it an effective and reliable security solution for a wide range of business needs.

ESP oneCam Service - Fisheye Bullet - ESP Ultra-Wide 4K Pro Series AI Bullet Camera – ESP-PB20-2FC

Why oneCam?

High-Quality Video Capture & Ease of Use

The oneCam notably excels due to its high-resolution of 4K or higher video capability, coupled with a user-friendly design. This unique combination greatly simplifies the installation process, making it highly accessible for individuals with limited technical expertise. At the same time, it still delivers crisp, detailed imagery, a critical factor for effective surveillance.

oneCam - 32MP Dome AI Features

Advanced Edge AI Features

The camera is notably equipped with a range of onboard AI capabilities, such as facial recognition and vehicle detection, among others. These intelligent features not only boost the overall effectiveness of the surveillance system but also render it more intuitive and responsive to specific security requirements. This aspect significantly enhances the system's ability to cater to diverse security needs efficiently.

oneCam - Parking lot security camera

Versatile Monitoring & Professional Support

The oneCam offers flexible monitoring, as it allows remote access through a mobile app, enabling users to stay connected from virtually anywhere. Furthermore, ESP's commitment to professional, 24x7 support is a key aspect, ensuring users receive timely assistance whenever needed. This significantly enhances the overall reliability and effectiveness of the surveillance system.

AI Cloud VMS - Compatibility

Durable, Reliable, & Scalable Edge Appliances

Equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the oneCam adapts seamlessly to various environments, making it a versatile hybrid edge solution. Additionally, the camera's color night vision and two-way audio capabilities significantly enhance its functionality. This allows for effective monitoring in low-light conditions and enables communication through the security camera.

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