Law Enforcement Awareness Program (LEAP)

LEAP provides municipalities situational awareness by providing access to community shared security cameras nationwide.

What is LEAP?

Municipality CCTV Cameras

ESP specializes in Video Surveillance as a Service and offers plans to benefit your city or town. We provide dependable, affordable neighborhood watch solutions that will work for the community while keeping the city's surveillance under administrative control.

Many of our customers are happy to contribute to their communities safety and share designated cameras with authorities.

If your local municipality requires authorities to have access to CCTV systems installed in your district, we have the solution for you.

Community Security Cameras

Our security camera cloud storage service provides situational awareness around your community. This community-focused solution offers authorities an extra set of eyes with access to designated live security cameras we installed for our residential and business customers nationwide.

LEAP - Male and female police officers with their arms crossed

Support Your Local Law Enforcement Awareness Program

ESP Video Surveillance AI Cloud

Our customers are happy to contribute to their community’s safety and share designated cameras with authorities. Combined with our off-site video storage, LEAP offers authorities access to recorded video and live security cameras from around the country.

ESP values the partnership we have formed with home & business owners, law enforcement, municipalities, security system manufacturers, re-sellers & installers nationwide. By working together to provide situational awareness, we all make our community a safer place to live.

Participants have access to a free mobile app, enabling community-wide access to live camera feeds and video backups. The program also includes comprehensive training in video surveillance systems, ensuring effective use and understanding. In addition, LEAP offers 24/7 maintenance and support for CCTV systems.

Participants benefit from exclusive access to LEAP cams, the mobile app, and receive generous discounts on products and services, enhancing situational awareness and support.


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      Fill out the form below to find out more about LEAP