Hosted AI Cloud

What is the Hosted AI Cloud?

The Hosted AI Cloud by ESP is a versatile cloud-based video surveillance solution. It supports a wide range of cameras and is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It's designed with a modular structure for easy use and flexibility, allowing customization to fit specific security needs. The system also includes intelligent motion detection and efficient archive navigation, enhancing surveillance efficiency.

With this cloud-based solution, you can connect cameras to a cloud server without needing sophisticated equipment or a constantly running computer, making it a practical and scalable solution for diverse surveillance requirements​.

Hosted AI Cloud - Globally connected network with data points around the world

Why AI Hosted Cloud?

ESP Installation - Miscellaneous camera equipment not installed


Supports a wide range of cameras and operating systems. This flexibility is valuable for users with existing surveillance setups, allowing them to upgrade without replacing their current hardware.

Installation - Training

Ease of Use

Designed with a user-friendly, modular structure. Customers benefit from a system that's simple to set up and manage, even without technical expertise.

Remote Access - Many integration touchpoints connected to a cloud

Remote Accessibility

Enables surveillance monitoring from various devices, offering convenience and real-time security management from anywhere.

Security Cameras - Motion Detection - ESP AI Cloud

Intelligent Features

Includes motion detection and efficient archive management, providing enhanced surveillance capabilities. ESP offers more than 100 AI features are crucial for businesses needing reliable and thorough monitoring.

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