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ESP AI Cloud 
Security Camera Analytics & Storage 

Having an ESP AI Cloud subscription will allow you to connect all your security cameras to one plan. You don’t need to buy new or replace existing video surveillance equipment. All you need is a camera connected to the Internet.

Get a Free ESP security camera with every AI Cloud Pro license. Restrictions apply.  

  • No NVR required
  • Affordable & Scalable
  • Remote cloud access & storage 
  • BYOC – Works with IP cameras & webcams
  • Access to over 100 AI Features
  • 24×7 Award winning support
Over 100 Enhanced AI Features

Take the first step 

Pick a plan

ESP AI Cloud Starts at $15 /m

Enhance your old security cameras with ESP AI Cloud. Storage included

ESP AI Cloud Pro Starts at $25 /m

Get a Free 4K weatherproof security camera with each Pro camera subscription
Free Camera

Step 2

Add your camera 

Camera License Starts at $5 /m

Affordable alternative to replacing your old security cameras. One subscription per camera required. Bulk Discounts Apply
No Minimum

Step 3

Add storage 

AI Cloud Storage Starts at $5 /m

Security camera storage plans to fit your budget. Connect an unlimited amount of cameras, only pay for whay you need.
Rapid Surveillance with Mobile LTE Deployment

ESP AI Cloud Storage Plans
Bundle our Services and save BIG

Add cloud storage to record any or all cams to your ESP AI Cloud account. A single plan supports all your security cameras and webcams connected to your main ESP AI Cloud account. Upgrade or downgrade storage plans anytime. Active camera subscription required.

By the Gig

Essential Cloud Storage Plan
$ 5 Monthly
  • 250GB secure storage
  • No limit on storage days
  • Included with AI Cloud Pro
250 Gigs

By the TB

Flexible Cloud Storage Plan
$ 10 Monthly
  • 500GB secure storage
  • Round-the clock recording
  • Connect multiple cameras
500 Gigs


Limitless Cloud Storage Plan
$ 50 Monthly
  • Limitless video storage
  • Connect multiple cameras

Related Services

ESP oneCam Starts at $149/yr

Free 4K AI security camera w/ Lifetime replacement warranty
Built-in ai

ESP Wireless 4G/5G LTE Camera Service Starting at only $34/m

No Internet Required - Includes 1 year LTE security camera service right out of the box. Sign up today and receive a Free security camera

Nationwide Installation

Expert security camera installers available near you.

Why choose ESP AI Cloud?

For rapid response, enhanced AI analytics, super deals, free cams, and much more:

  • Enhanced Surveillance Protection

  • Over 20 years in business

  • 99.9% network connectivity

  • Low cost & scalability

  • Bring your own camera

  • Over 100 AI features to choose from

  • Multi-layer encrypted security

  • Nationwide installation & service

  • 24/7 award winning support

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