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Business Account Executive - SMB Direct Sales

Position Type: Full / Part Time

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Fort Myers, FL  / Orlando, FL  / Boston, MA / Springfield, MA / Denver CO / Houston TX, / Dallas, TX / Bakersfield, CA / Sacramento, CA

ESP has a wonderful opportunity for you to represent the best in video surveillance and cloud technology. ESP is committed to customer service and is at the forefront of off-site video cloud storage solutions. With our HD Security Cameras and off-site video storage cloud services, you can provide what customers want. We are providing the world with a complete HD video surveillance solution that is in high demand. If you have a strong drive for being a team player and a goal to succeed in the world of technology, we want to move you ahead with a carreer at ESP.


Job Summary:

Sell ESP HD security camera products, video recorders and cloud storage services to small and mid-sized businnesses around the world. 

As part of sales process, create and deliver face-to-face sales presentations that
demonstrate knowledge of the latest ESP products and services.
Promote the sale of bundled products to ensure the optimal solution for
the customer. Sell with goal of exceeding departmental financial and
unit targets. 

Core Responsibilities:
-Territory development to include development of local business
partnerships and organizational affiliations and local enhancement of
ESP services and brand.
-Maintaining quality sales records and preparation of sales and activity
reports as required.
-Responsible for Customer Satisfaction and supporting a positive
impression of the ESP Experience.
-New acquisition sales of ESP HD security camera products and video
cloud services to small and mid-size businesses.
-Generation of new leads with targeted businesses through various
prospecting activities, including cold calling, canvassing, customer
referrals, and partner relationships.
-Focus on off-site video cloud storage solutions including HD security cameras, video recorders
and multi-location opportunities
-Identify improvement areas thru a consultative process that would
enhance our prospects ability to communicate more effectively both
internally and externally to their customers.
-Effectively manage a territory with a high activity and comprehensive
business plan
-Management of defined Territory to include development of local
business partnerships and organizational affiliations and local
enhancement of ESP positioning and brand.
-Team with technical, customer service, and related support staffs to
ensure end-to-end customer sales and satisfaction and thereby drive new
revenue growth
-Consistently maintain a pipeline of qualified prospects that will yield
production levels of monthly quota performance and above.
-Remain knowledgeable of ESP products and services to facilitate
sales efforts.
-Achieve and exceed assigned sales and business quality objectives.
-Adherence to all company standards and business professionalism.
-Punctual, regular, and consistent attendance.
-Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Specification:
- Bachelors Degree or Equivalent
- Business, Sales and Marketing
- Generally requires 5+ years related experience